is online gift card now a golden goose for hotel industry


Online gift cards – although these are rarely mentioned in the travel as well as hospitality industry as a persuasive marketing gizmo, apparently they have now become the most sought after gifts for the female patrons and sometimes by men as well.

Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that if you are not investing in gift certificates, moreover promoting them through your digital society, you are then surely leaving behind a compelling amount of your hotel revenue on the table.

Gift cards are therefore a great way to enhance your client portfolio, as they wild rag in significant traffic to your website and ultimately to your hotel.

Below are some of the top features of such certificates which enable them to be quite similar to viral marketing strategy and indeed a superb digital marketing tool as well especially for all those who rely heavily on World Wide Web for their business dealings.

All about online gift cards

These gift vouchers allow hotel websites to target even the most rigid traffic whom they were not able to reach earlier. The cards just help them allure this clientele group by means of exhilarating additional purchases.

They are fashioned to be highly targeted and are capable enough in motivating the customers to use them. This in turn helps you in making your digital marketing efforts effective in enhancing your brand value.

These vouchers are also used as personal recommendations from your satisfied customers, which help further build-up your hotel’s credibility and reputation.

Making use of gift tickets greatly help in maximizing your business’ revenue and branding value. By this people get to know more about your services and bookmark your site for future use.

Besides, these tickets also help in promoting your additional services like gym, spa, restaurant and anything you have to offer exclusively.

Gone are the days when creating and redeeming those tokens were difficult for individual enterprises. However, with the advent of advanced digital marketing gizmos, the process has become quite simplified.

There are some renowned hotel websites who create their own gift certificates which are enabled with pre-paid amount which can be used at any of your branches.

How to buy

These gift vouchers are widely available online via web, social channels and even mobile phones and can be easily accessed by mails or postal services.

This trend has been quite successful lately and continues to influence every hotelier who gets to know about its distinct benefits.

It’s a kind of symbiotic process benefiting both the parties.

As far as hoteliers’ benefits are considered, here are a few we have listed out.

#1. Visibility of your brand is increased by targeting new customers
When someone offers a gift card, it’s obvious he/she is encouraging others to buy your services. And when the new person gets satisfied with your services, who knows he/she may return with some faces thereby retaining customer loyalty.

#2. Boost in cash
Because of its gifting nature, the expected consequence of this voucher is that it will push up cash especially during the holiday season. For instance during Christmas, there is always a peak in demand.

#3 No manual labor required
The gift cards are just another kind of automated payment method. All that is required is the booking engine of your customer should be able to redeem them and supports the payment gateway integration. By this, cash gets delivered directly to your account without any manual intervention.

#4 Brand awareness 
Always make sure you include your hotel’s name and logo in the vouchers. This surely helps increase your brand value. This is also another effective marketing strategy to promote your services and reach people who are or were unaware about your company.

#5 They expire 
For hotel owners, these tokens are an additional advantage. Customers who do not use their cards or redeem the entire value, cash is not reimbursed for them.

It would be quite unfair if we keep discussing the benefits granted for hotel owners, let’s now have a look at the clients’ perspectives and how they are benefited by using such cards.

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#1 Flexibility 
The gift vouchers are quite flexible and do have a specific date to be consumed. However, they do have an expiry date and can be used anytime within that date.

The cards enable the cardholders to select from an array of options within the specified budget. This again adheres to the type of the certificate.

#2 Easy to avail 
The above features helps the customers to buy quickly. these can be bought online effortlessly, thereby making the transaction possible anywhere.

#3 Customized to meet clients’ requirements
These vouchers can be personalized, enabling customers to write a message or name. This makes these cards one of the best gifts giving a personal touch.

#4 Easy home delivery 
Such vouchers can travel beyond boundaries and not to mention overseas as well.

To summarize, gift vouchers are certainly a great way to help hoteliers, plus their customers in numerous ways mentioned above.

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